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Soldner Retail Patch #4

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Yay. All our hard work beta testing has paid off.


The Soldner Retail Patch #4 is out 30th Sept 2004.


Here's the changelist for it as posted by Plex:


Patch #4 Announcement



September 30th a new patch will be available which will update the retail version of Soldner - Secret Wars to v30520.


We are currently doing the last arrangements for the official release like creating the changelist in different languages. Due to the patch release the official JoWooD Servers will be going down for maintenance tomorow for likee 2 hours to be updated to the latest version.


At the same time the updated Win 32 standalone server version will be available at the official website too. As soon as the changelist has been finished and translated i will post it here in the forum and on the official website.


The changelist size is quite big. That's why it's taking some time. The main focus of patch #4 was the optimization fo the net code.

The changes of the net code have been tested on 32 player slot servers in our closed beta programm. Balancing of the units and weapons have been quite important too for this patch (pricing, accuracy, kill energy) . Every weapon that isn't equipped with an optical scope now has a 3D iron sight. A few screenshots of the beta had been posted here already showing the new 3D iron sights.


PS: I would like to thank all Closed Beta Program participants for their continous support and feedback.



Changelist of the upcoming Patch #4:







Portal server flood protection implemented.


Failsafe filter added in for !rcon server commands to prevent details being displayed publicly when commands are mistyped.


Add lock for the max player?s option.


Jesus pose fixed, no more occurrences of this should be seen.


Implemented a check to decrease the frequency that tanks and vehicles are seen to bounce around in craters.


Players may now vote themselves as commander when alone in a server.


Added web image for map "Silver Eye".


Fixed a bug where the name of the commander you want to vote for would not be passed on correctly, thus canceling your vote.


Fixed a bug where the commander vote command would be issued using a bad syntax.


Changed order of "Strafe left" and "Strafe right" in German version so they now read correctly.


Changed "Single player" for English and German into "Training?.


Double kill message fixed.


Memory leak fixed in regards to server buffer overwrite.


Loading times optimized.


In the config.ini a server setting has been added which allows the server administrator to set a high ping kick option if a player exceeds the ping for x amount of time. Default is disabled. Note this can affect players who use voice comms, as it monitors the traffic.


The Web Admin Tool and the Rcon command passwords can now be different. This will allow server providers to set a different password for the Web Admin Tool and the in game rcon commands.


Fixed a bug that would prevent mapping of secondary joystick devices.


Added a checkbox for ignoring button events during action-mapping (hot fix for Saitek X45 joystick's mode selector).


Fixed a bug where input device axes would be evaluated without being present.


Pre-round equip menu: you will get your money refunded if you purchase an item for a slot which is already occupied.


Altered the method how the ping was generated from client to a server.


Kill Messages: Some kill messages have been displayed wrong. This is corrected.


Force Feedback effects for joysticks added.







Bandwidth spikes during scope and iron sight activation / deactivation fixed.


Lag when vehicles are destroyed has been fixed.


Fixed a bug where buttons would become disabled and re-enabled during the same render frame. This is responsible for the often seen "laggy behavior" of menus and voting.


Enemy vehicle muzzle fire should be visible now from a much greater distance.


Ammo count update now occurs in real time.


Vehicle and flyer netload reduced helping for smoother flights.


Network performance tweak for jets, AOI increased.


HUD rendered now before the vote terminal, decreases display delay.


Netcode optimization to decrease net load for disabled vehicles, helicopter rotors now being displayed correctly.


Mouse input optimization. Smoother controls.


Joystick support optimized.


Reduced net-traffic for weapon shooting considerably.







Hangars on map ?Fastlane? are now 20 cm into the ground to prevent ADS happening when using a vehicle.


Filled cracks in the streets in map ?Bonemountain?.


Fence bug on map ?Army Base? fixed.


Teleport bug on map ?First Strike? has been fixed.


Put Jet hangar floors below terrain level in map "First Strike".


The vehicle spawn positions of the terminals have been replaced on some maps, for example Villariva vs Villabajo.







Comanche aim above the crosshair has been fixed.


Type 93, Avenger and Tunguska have been altered to provide better and more varied AA defense.


Adjusted helicopter rope behavior slightly.


Fix helicopter rotor position when viewed from copilot position.


Armor, health and price adjusted for all transport helicopters.


Fixed bug where sometimes helicopter rotors do not stop spinning when the pilot has left the vehicle.


New seat-lock, user can enter even when it's locked but are placed on passenger seats.


All anti tank vehicles now have improved rocket launchers. M2A1 Bradley, Type89, and the BRDM 2ATGM.


Helicopter rotors now have damage modeled on them.


Decreased the rear armor and the side armor of the T90.


VTOL flight mode adjusted to allow easier transformations between vertical and horizontal flight modes.


Bug where vehicle scopes can be taken to other vehicles fixed.


HDT -10P window fixed.


Jet icons corrected.


Added a new vehicle, the wheeled Rooikat anti tank vehicle.


Both PCV Jeep variants are now able to be locked on to with missiles.


Su Flanker price increased to 15k.


Pilotless flyer will explode if speed > 25 km/h.


Underwater helicopters now take damage accordingly.


HDT-10P camera issue fixed.


Missing muzzle flash of WZ-551 added.


Vehicle reticle should flash if it caused damaged on a target.


Vehicle wasn't locked properly after purchase bug fixed.


Helicopters and planes now get proper damage when they hit trees: planes now explode if the velocity is more then 25 km/h upon contact and helicopters now explode if the velocity is more then 50 km/h upon contact.


Land rover and BJ-212A now have a proper vehicle handling.


Plane rudders adjusted so that handling is slower and more controllable.


The light textures of the Izh 2126 have been corrected, minor texture change.


All cargo planes now have a proper engine sound.


IZH 2126 will burn and smoke when damaged.


Gunner positions of some vehicles have been adjusted.


Merkava now has 6 seats.


Added auto level function for jets (press CTRL).


The breaking power of the BMP3 and the Bradley has been decreased.


Littlebird has dual fire mode now.


Chinook price changed from 7000 to 3000.


KA-60 Kasatka price changed from 9000 to 4000.


Mi-17 Hip price changed from 9000 to 4000.


Mi-38 price changed from 9000 to 4500.


UH-60 Black Hawk price changed from 7000 to 4000.


UH-60M Black Hawk price changed from 7000 to 5000.


V-22 Osprey changed from 8000 to 5000.


Z-9 price changed from 10000 to 8500.


Z-9 (SA 360 Transport) price changed from 7500 to 3200.


BJ-212 price changed from 1900 to 1000.


BRDM-1 price changed from 3500 to 2200.


EQ 2102 price changed from 2800 to 750.


GAZ-3937 price changed from 3500 to 850.


GAZ-66 price changed from 2400 to 900.


Hemmt Cargo price changed from 4000 to 1800.


Hemmt Mobile Respawn price changed from 4300 to 2600.


IZH 2126 price changed from 1000 to 800.


Lada price changed from 900 to 700.


Landrover price changed from 2000 to 1050.


PCV Jeep price changed from 1800 to 900.


Tractor price changed from 700 to 500.


Ural-6301 price changed from 3500 to 1000.


HDT-10P price changed from 3500 to 1200.


AN-24 Coke price changed from 6500 to 3500.


AN-72/74 Coaler price changed from 7500 to 4500.


C-130 Hercules price changed from 7500 to 3500.


SU-34 Fulcrum price changed from 14000 to 15000.


Y-7H price changed from 7000 to 3200.







Removal of 3D grid lines on the grid in the editor.


Changed elevation brush default settings to 1m inner and 10m outer radius.


Fixed a crash when using '-t' command giving a path without directory or volume components.


A crashlog function now has been added for the landscape editor for better support and logging information.


Street Database tolerates invalid texture indices during loading.


Added confirmation message box for TTM template deletion.


Removed Undo, Cut, Paste and Copy menu items from the Edit menu.


Set auto-backup interval of detail maps to 5 Minutes.


New system of detail map - map association.


The Tool ?rnmaps? lets the customer convert the detail-maps to the new naming convention.








Moved parachute sound handling to parachute item instead of player, reducing likelihood of parachute sound bug.


Commander has been elected sfx played for all players upon vote completion.


Added suppressed sound effect for the SV98 sniper rifle.


Terminal purchase sound changed to an equipment sound to better suit weapon purchases.


Added audio alert for chat messages.







3D Iron sights added to all pistols, assault rifles, sub machine guns, light machine guns, grenade launchers and weapons with a scope. The RPG 18 Launcher also has a 3D ironsight.


M1911A1 is now the new default pistol equipped when respawning in MP.


P90 damage over range increased slightly.


HK UMP recoil increased.


Increased the recoil of all LMGs when fired from standing.


Changed the damage over range of all SMGs to better simlate this type of weapon.


Fixed crash with M4Carbine/M203 Grenade rifles.


C4 motion sensor range limited to 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m meters only.


Shortened reloading time of LMGs to prevent silly looking animations.


Body armor changed. 3 new variants created, Light, Medium and Heavy Body Armor.


VSS Vintorez damage increased.


Decreased explosion energy for the 3 C4 types.


Decreased radius of explosions for all three C4 types.


Decreased price of the Bomb kit to 6000.


Added a full auto firemode to VSS Vintorez sniper rifle.


C4 items time-out changed, expiration time is now configurable via XML/Item in the server admin.


Explosives detector now updates more rapidly.


M4 SOPMOD 4X scope added.


HK G36 3.5X scope added.


Reload time of all pistols decreased by 2 seconds but not the Model 83.


You can now purchase both Night Vision and Infrared Goggles in the pre equip menu if you require both items at once.


AWM, PSG1, SV98, SVD Damage raised relatively to Body Armor protection.


G36C and G11 Damage adjusted to standard 5.56 HK Range.


Price of the Saiga has been decreased to 2800.


Increased price of G36 to 3800.







Binoculars implemented for all soldiers now. Use "B" to access it.


Commander mode activation only allowed while being idle or sitting in a vehicle.


Corrected bug where guns don't stop firing when you swap weapons.


Potential weapon exploit issue fixed when rearming and reloading whilst fast clicking the mouse.


Ghost bug fixed, thanks UWK clan.


Disappearing head when in prone position and hitting 'ESC'.


The player?s avatar will stop running now when you open the option screen.


Entering vehicle with equipped toolkit is now possible, even when the 'Press 'Use' to Enter' is not displayed because of damaged vehicle.


Some AGS typos corrected.


The remote control item of the bombing kit will now be shown when equipped.




Marc 'Plex' S. Olbertz

Head of Community Management

Wings Simulations

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