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:blush: Erm ... I think that Dummy counter has a glitch in it..


^_^ and I think we should keep Wizzy away from the Cyanide capsules..


Excellent stats - from what I am reading on other forums we await the production of an image pack to allow United Offensive maps/weapons etc to show up.. let's hope it is soon..


Oh and wizzy, 21+ hours to-date!!!?? You best get off yer ass and get the bloody hoovering done..

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Slight glitch today - when I uploaded & restarted the server this morning from work - I left out an important line which tells the server to log, oops!


So, all the games played today, up until 11pm GMT werent recorded. Sorry. :(


I have however fixed it and re-did a new template for the stats. Its work-in-progress and I'll be tweaking it as I go.


Let me know if you spot any errors. Thanks.



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you need to turn off all your cheats befor your stats will register :D




......did your change you name or muck about with and cod prog files (i noticed it picked up 2 of tantalus because he chaged the colour of his name!) but even if you did there should be some record ???


..... oh well must be the hacks

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Originally posted by TUG_AK@Oct 7 2004, 08:29 PM

looks like I'm gonna have to get in on this? <_<? do I need to buy the United offensive expansion pack as well as the std COD? or will the std COD do then can I download the rest??


You can buy the Deluxe edition with both in it. :)


oh.. and I updated the stats just now too - the map screenshots should show now and I'm in the process of trying update all the weapons too.

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I'm also updating the CSS on the pages too each day to see how things look.


Todays addition was changing the username column background to black - to make it easier to read multi-coloured names. :)


I'll be updating it later to make all data columns black, with all headers staying the grey colour they are now.

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