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Originally posted by TUG_Bulldog

solders will look like this soon


:glare: Not if the MOD has anything to do with it - unless it is completely re-designed to be uncomfortable and impractical, contains no technology newer than 10 years out of date and is only marginally more preferable to running around naked with a target stapled to your backside.. even then only 300 will be produced, of which 298 will remain in the main clothing store "for future issue" and the other two will be used for publicity photo's in some current theatre of operations before being given back...


:glare: sorry, did I get a bit bitter and twisted then? Oh, maybe it's just the 21+ years of military experience tarnishing my once rosey outlook.. I think my glasses need their 'magenta' filter replacing.. :blush:

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Originally posted by TUG_Tantalus@Oct 15 2004, 08:05 AM

Not if the MOD has anything to do with it





lol !


may be by the year 5500 they will have finished the m29 ..... but they want be much cop againts the plasma beam guns and particle weapons that russia will have ...... ;)

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