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Banned for no reason

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I was playin at your CoD:UO server and i got banned bcoz im good, yea i am good, i got mad fast reflexs, b4 u ban me take a pb screenshot of me playin and look it over! There was SAF_WarPig, SAF_Biffa, SF_WIZAR, SAF_Scopey, and one of them banned me, i was playin the best in the server and it was map The Ship, it was unfair and uncool. ask me, talk to me or watch me and see if i was cheating! I know no1 said anything bout cheating in the server but since i was the best there and there was no1 else playin wut would possible be the cause i got banned? So uncool coz i also was lookin for a clan!!! Now meet me @ any server any time with rifle so i can kick some of your asses, SAF people (yea this aint SAF forum but i dunno their site and its also yr server!)

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As the server says, 'Our Server Our Rules'.


Before we ban or kick somebody whoever does it always asks around the rest of the players. On this occassion several of us were suspicious, I for one saw two impossible kills which may be explained simply by lag.


Also Ground you're obviously no noob so you'll appreciate that when you run a server you get an awful number of cheats and idiots and if you discussed each one each time and took screens and studied them in detail then that's all you would be doing all night.


It's a 50/50 call.


On reflection there are very few cheats who would have the neck to complain on the forums of another clans forums after being booted from their server.


So in your case, then it is more likely to be down to lag. The impossible kills that I refered to and experienced involved you facing the other way shooting somebody else and then immediatley turning to line up on whichever corner I was about to sneak round even tho from the kill camera (which I studied each time) you hadn't even looked in that direction let alone made visual contact with me.


One explanation is you know all the corners and turns on the map that people are likely to appear from but there were only a handful of us on the server at the time.


I'm not sure. The logic is that nobody is a cheater unless there is absolute evidence, (nobody is calling you a cheater) so then by that logic, we can't get anybody off our own server unless we find a pile of evidence to confirm they're cheating and after a debate.


Now I'm sure the TUG's will have a 'holier than thou' attitude to this but SAF have run servers far longer than the TUG's and know from experience that you have to make close calls, quickly when it comes to guests. The reason's are obvious but I personally would rather kick/ban an innocent player every once in a while by mistake than let our server become a free for all for every cheater and waster out there.


Any rational and experience player out there would agree that players always favour servers that are monitored and protected.


We at SAF don't run servers as popularity contests we run servers to play on and have fun. We won't be sending your ip to anybody or flamming you.


Ground you should also look at peoples servers as homes. You wouldn't expect people to justify who they can and who they can't let into their own homes would you?


If/when you owned your own home wouldn't it be your rules?


It's nothing personal and if it was a 'bad call' then we at SAF are truly sorry.


I would suggest that you find another server to display your 'mad fast reflexes' on since in our view if you are banned then you STAY banned. Besides if you're that good you don't want to be playing against noobs like us anyhow so go and find a server with players as good as you are.



Co-Leader of SAF

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there wasnt a TUG there otherwise i would have posted the name coz its a SAF/TUG server right? n no problem with my attitude i was actually laughin when i posted this coz people thot i was cheating while i was not which means im good heh. N no1 was talkin in the server... i didnt even get a warning

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