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need a network geek

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i'v got a friend that owns a survey company here in texas..........he had a dude come in about a year ago and network 3 computers (did a sloppy job at that, i might add) anyway now one of the computers is soooo out dated and they want a new one...........had an offer of $600 usd for a 1.6 celron/ 128 ddr 333/ 30 gig HD...............big rip off, so here is the question.


how hard would it be to just build 1 server and give it 3 access points? wouldn't that be the better way to go?


i know many questions will follow (i hope) so i'll check back later



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Very simple indeed.


You can buy the following to make a mini server-client network.


1. Server Machine - lotsa ram + ide raid + nic + a backup device

2. 100 MB switch


Attach the server to the switch & then attach the 3 client machines to the switch. (Cat 5 RJ45 cables)


Make sure all machine use the same ip range - i.e. 192.168.10.xx


Make the server:


Clients: - -, etc


Make some shares on the server.


Job done.


Thats a very simple explanation on how it can be done. There are definately other factors to look at.


Do you want a true server or just somewhere to store files thats accessible from all 3 clients?


Do you want the server to handle stuff like email & other things?



There are a ton more questions I would ask too.


Benny & I do this kinda thing for a job, so feel free to ask away. :)

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Yes, installing a server will bring your friend all the joys that go with maintaining a network, such as IP Assignation (see above) and NAT routing etc but it seems an expensive option if it's only to replace one PC, there are only 3 on site and the basic 'network' is already in situ.


You are only changing one machine right ?? Why not build or purchase a suitable unit, you could even swap the nic cards over too.. Then 'clone' the data from the original HDD to the new unit.

As long as you have the necessary driver discs etc to hand, the O/S will detect and compensate for all the hardware changes, installing/updating drivers where necessary. The new unit has then effectively become an upgraded version of the old unit, same nic, same IP, same network, same data and O/S configuration. No need to re-assign machines or mess about with NAT, IP's and the like.

It is probably the cheapest way to do it and does not affect anyone else, so they can still work away on their machines without having to wait for a network server to be installed.


Just a suggestion :huh:

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