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The Unknown Ghosts

New Patch - 30770

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The new patch is out for Soldner.


Ignore the 'beta' tag - it's the same patch thats been in testing in closed beta for a few days and is pretty stable.


Originally posted by "Changelist"

Changelist v30770



? New camera code: Players should experience a smoother, more responsive action from the camera now when looking around the level. Prior to this it cached data and was stuttering when you looked around.

? Allowed players to action the run control during reloading animations.

? Chat sound changed to a walkie talkie sfx.

? Fixed bug where dead players were able to enter vehicle.

? Fixed Jesus pose when leaving commander mode inside vehicle.

? Fixed crash if someone is killed during item interactions (Medikit or Toolkit)

? Fixed: floating in the air after using PlayerMap with 'M' or entering commander mode.

? Fixed: messed up passenger animations after seat change.

? Fixed: Toolkit-Vehicle Jesus bug and freezer, but toolkit must be unequipped before a vehicle can be entered.



? Corrected both MP5 iron sights.

? Added weapon: HK G3A3 ZF.

? Added weapon: HK G36 Big Magazine.

? Added weapon: AK 47 Big Magazine.

? G3A3 ironsight CamPos fixed.

? Sniper kit: Wrong invalidation conditions, fixed.

? VSS Vintorez: Firerate in full-auto mode changed.

? Fixed: Sniperkit won't unhide player if you use the grenade-launcher of OICW / M4.

? Steyr AUG price set to 3600.

? Fixed: crash during weapon reloading.



? Tweaked the !rcon failsafe feature: A space before an !rcon command no longer publicly reveals the password.

? Added map: St Rebecca.

? Added map: Hell Village.

? Fixed Engineer kit CTD.

? Cash rewards generated from unrelated kills corrected.

? Moved several terminals away from fences to avoid glitching.

? Removed lonely lamp on 'Finding Lenin'.

? Fixed some crashes that occured during death animations.

? Fixed: Fastlane: no equipment to buy in HQ Red.

? Fixed: Kuranova and Fish Haven: Vehicle spawn locations.

? Fixed: K-Town: HQ Red: objects in houses.

? Fixed: Multiple map errors (Powerbase,Winterbase,Fastlane)

? Added: Spectator may see player names (config.ini setting: spectatorSeeNames = 1)

? Added: Limit names for spectators to members of previous team (config.ini setting: teamSpectator=1)

? Stars vertex buffer changed to dynamic in hope to fix the problem with nVidia cards.

? Dropped goal item (briefcase/flag) upon entering a vehicle fixed.

? Sound is now present in spectator mode again.

? Forever burning vehicle bug fixed.

? Destroyed vehicle preventing use of terminal, even after debris have disappeared fixed.

? Lenskoje: Added pistol and rifles to terminal at HQ Blue.

? Software skin deformer are more safe now (rare bug).

? Fixed: !rcon server and rcon password issues.



? Added vehicle: Marder.

? Added vehicle: VCC Dardo.

? Added vehicle: Mowag Piranha.

? Fixed: Vehicles take damage from running people over.

? Removed Q5 Fantan due to a terminal error.

? Increased fire-rate of PCV Jeep, UH60 and Humvee.

? Fixed texture of HDT-10P.


Patch can be downloaded here:



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