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how many pounds?


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At the moment 1 UK POUND (GBP) = approx 1.8 US DOLLAR


We're definately getting a better deal than you are seeing as our stuff is alot more expensive. e.g. Big Mac meal here (from memory) = 2.99 GBP or 3.99 GBP - I forget.


Best time to come is summer - july onwards - cos all of us are on holiday somewhere else. :)


Weather gets nice around then and in the south - around london (south/south-east/south-west) has sometime gotten upto 30 degrees celcius.


If you prefer countryside & some fantastic scenery and friendly people - you cant go wrong with bonny scotland (I'm teh scottish).


There's so many good places to go - but it depends on what you & the family like to do. :)


If you decided to come over next year - I'll definately come say hello if your not too far away...

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God can you imagine going on holiday to the uk.lol


Beavers got it right though the futhur south you stay the better the weather, eeeeeeeee its grim up north, although if you can live with a bit of rain there alot of nice places.


Hey if you do come over here, i love to meet you and your family, as for you being to far away the country only about a thousands miles long, so any were is accessable within a few hours :D

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well if ur a bit of an adrenaline junkie hook up with me in the northwest sometime and I can arrange a tandem skydive for ya, I can even get out with u and the tandem master and have a mess with u in freefall too :blink:

Just an Idea........not everyones cup of tea I know. B)

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