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The Unknown Ghosts

in-coming noob alert!

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ok the fun knightmare begins :(



1/when i click on multiplayer it takes between 2 to 3 years to enter the multiplayer screen :angry:


2/when i try to follow the prompt given by ubi to sighn on it takes another year or so then tells me 'unable to log on' :angry:


3/i went to the ubi website created an account ant tryed to log on to the RvS servers ..........you gesed it another year has passed while i wait for it to tell me 'cant download file' and go back to the home page of ubi. :angry:


im not that mad at the moment because it may be me being stupid :rolleyes:


i think it could have somting to do with java on my system not working?????? :huh:


and i have not had to enter my CD key thingy yet do i need to??????? :huh:



well if some one cant sleep or is bored at work please help i do not want to have wasted ?35


thanks friends :)

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1. Make sure that you have set you connection type in option.


2. To play online - click multiplayer - you then have a choice (2 tabs) of Internet or Lan - click the internet tab and it should as for your CD key to be entered and then you need to supply it with a UBI login name and password - I have it set to auto login - never had a problem yet.


3. Once the CD key is entered and the UBI login is done - you should then see a list of servers in the in-game browser - click on a server and then Join or alternatively if you know a server IP then click Join IP and enter the IP. ie.


That's it.


The manual should also be read as it give you some clues as to what you should be doing.


Rule no. 37 - If in doubt - R.T.F.M. :)


I'll hopefully be on TS later this evening or Friday & weekend - will try and help you through it.

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Problems solved :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


if you have any problems with RV TRY THIS:



1/ get the latest service pack from microsoft for internet explorer and your opperating system.


2/go to www.sun.com and get the latest java softwear (i think RV and ubi relays alot on java)


3/get a new graphics card


4/use a hammer!! B)



i think my problems came from java not responding causing my system to time out


if any one has any problems please let me know i spent the last 24 hours digging in the never ending pit of RV problems and solutions :wacko:


......... so i can finaly play tonight friday the 27th from 7pm onwards all night hope to see you there!

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