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The Unknown Ghosts

Americas Army

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well i spent several hours play this with rnrmusic last night, i forgot how good this game could actualy be, the graphics on 2.2.1 are just unreal, well i guess there real. when you get shot and fall off a bridge your dude looks so real, i forget what eng. they used for it but its totaly real. anyway, maybe we could start a division for this game, give it a look.


i got some screens i'll post tomorrow, i gota get up in a few hours to go to work :mad:

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Nice. :)


AA is currently using the UT2k3 engine - but is being upgraded to the UT2K4 engine from what I hear.


It also has the nice rag-doll physics too if I remember correctly.


We did play AA a while back, but I lost interest after they screwed up my account and I didnt fancy doing all the training again. So I have yet to see all the new SF maps & weapons.

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