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The Unknown Ghosts

New patch - 30830

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A new patch has been released for Soldner.



Update: Changelist v30830 added


Update: Patch v30830 is now available



Changelist v30830:


? Removed: Rock from Danger Island CP to avoid ?land swimmers?.

? Fixed: Reloading animation corrected, so magazines are not inverted anymore.

? Fixed: Activation of commander mode whilst in vehicle scope view no longer causes scope to disappear.

? Fixed: When climbing over a fence, sometimes you reappear on the same side you started on.

? Fixed: F10 menu & window jump exploit.

? Fixed (again): Equipment for free after new round starts.

? Removed: Hovering sandbag on Army Base near HQ Blue.

? Fixed: BRDM 2ATGM kills sometimes reported as VCC Dardo kills.

? Fixed: Mini wreckages.

? Fixed: Able to jump into a terminal at HQ Red on Bone Mountain.

? Fixed: Dardo exhaust smoke not attached to vehicle.

? Fixed: Fence blocking doorway on Hell Village.

? Fixed: When exiting a vehicle, the soldier will now always be facing the direction the camera was looking before the player exited.

? Removed: Signpost inside a tree on Winterbase.

? Fixed: Damaging a commander in commander mode resulted in an odd animation.

? Fixed: Able to kill a commander in commander mode. The commander view will be terminated and he will be forced to respawn.

? Fixed: Floating wall on St Rebecca levelled.

? Fixed: Removed developer spectator controls menu.

? Fixed: Respawning inside a rock on St Rebecca at Danger Island.

? Removed: Crates to close to a wall on Armybase

? Removed: Floating sandbags on Armybase


I will be updating the server shortly - will announce when it's done.

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