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    tri sexual, meat eating, adrenaline junkie suitable victims apply within :op P.S NON-TOK
  1. Flya

    New GR:AW Recruit .TuGr.Chambo

    ummmm shouldnt that be you tug-er!! welcome to the team
  2. Flya

    3 New GR:AW Recruits

    welcome to the clan guys
  3. Flya

    selling like mad in liverpool

    obvioulsy wizzy aint ever driven into liverpool city centre
  4. Flya

    Hi all!

    welcome trees go woof!!
  5. Flya

    OMG!! who knew?

    wots pot??? hehehe
  6. these are sellin like crazy in liverpool at moment FastestsellingiteminLiverpool.zip
  7. Flya

    3 New GR:AW Recruits

    every android has its day marvin welcome to the clan fellas
  8. aint rite**** wtf makin another recon log tool for GR:AW??
  9. Flya

    New Full Member - .TuG.JJUK

    JJ who???? welcome to the clan bro TuG JJ has a much better ring to it
  10. Flya


    lolol marvin the paranoid android! "life is a sexualy transmitted diesease!" said marvin lolol my fav line from HHGG:cool: see u guys on tonite for more drunken ass kickin
  11. Flya


    nah no more drinkin tonite for me going skydivin on saturday wanna clear head for it
  12. Flya


    yea i woulda really enjoyed it if i want so drunk lol sry had to leave so soon catch u all again tonite
  13. ummmmmmm no such server in my lists tonite:frown:
  14. Flya


    yo bundu (lurkalot) ask the boss for a pay rise n upgrade to GR:Aw its gettin interestin now
  15. Flya


    LMFAO class m8 I like that one