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  1. rnrmusic showed me why bull dog has been MIA so much http://www.falarious.com/file/2-evolution-of-dance.html I gotta say not bad mate.
  2. SirJarbo

    Hello TuG

    not only do not have any skill requirements, we don't even have skills. j/k I don't play GR:AW and don't usually post to people that want to join because I have nothing to do with that. BUT, I saw that you were from NY and being in a UK based clan and living in New Hampshire I don't get to see many people online. anyway I play BF2 and americas army with "grandpa .TuG." that lives in Texas. so maybe we will see you some time.
  3. I've got it someplace, I'll see if I can find it. I got with my video card I think. I have a pile of shit to look through. I found it!!!! I was looking for soldner (WIP) and found my far cry. when are we playing?
  4. can anyone tell me what the hell this is????????
  5. a .TuG. golf team may be in order:cool:
  6. WOW, you really have no shame at all. I would never do something like that with www.windyrundesign.com
  7. http://oldcomputers.net/adam.html he said he got a good deal. lol j/k this was my first pc If I have posted this before I'm sorry
  8. Willy Nelson smokes pot?????????????? I would have never guessed. lol thats like shooting fish in a barrel.
  9. welcome skeet, welcome to the barn yard. hey maybe we can get an actual picture of wizzy now.
  10. either of you play BF2 or AAo? and welcome too.
  11. I've been trying to download this 2.5 GB file, I started from one of the links they provide, its been almost 20 hours and still not done:mad: I guess I'll give up and try later *edit* i went back with bit torrent and got it last night, seems like a nice patch. let you know later.
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