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  1. Welllllllllllllllllllllllll we will soon see what happenz..... If not **** it im back to the old GR1:eek:
  2. Spike


    they are a nice set of bonga drums
  3. Spike

    How cool do i look

    here Leeds are not that good:biggrin: come on liverpool:smile:
  4. Spike

    How cool do i look

  5. Spike

    .TuG. Cheaters?

    lol I dont even play CSS but i think is funny anyway:biggrin:
  6. lol Flya yea will there be a server up and runnin:blink:
  7. Spike

    2 New Recruits

    Easy im a scotland fan so watch it lmfao:biggrin:
  8. I thing it rocks:smile:
  9. Spike

    i27 LAN - Sign-ups open

    ok m8 lol I bet ?50 p.s any higher
  10. Spike

    i27 LAN - Sign-ups open

    i will psy