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    Towcester, UK
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    Military, Martial Arts and Motorbikes
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  1. Mmmm - I am guessing by the lack of replies, none of the originals or old-school left on the forum? Bulldog, Beaver, Tassadius, Flya? I am getting old......damn!
  2. Wow - the old (and best) clan! Anybody still around?
  3. Merry Chrimbo's to all the Tug's and TuGette's! (and a welcome home to Tant)

  4. Looks like Bran discovered the desktop itself to me! (Moved the shortcut icons from the task bar to the desltop like the rest of the known world? )
  5. ...and from the lurker himself... Merry Christmas and a most Happy New Year to all TuG's and TuGettes!
  6. Tried all Saturday - nobody on TuG (when it showed in the servers page) or otherwise ...ended up playing on the Sky clan server instead....
  7. Got to agree with Tweak on this one - must be the Bull himself. (Can tell by the smug surfer look and Shoreham-by-the-sea-shirt, even though I have never actually met the dude! )
  8. Waaahey! Bond is back! Its becoming like an old school re-union...
  9. I am currently really enjoying CoD4. There are a few things that I cannot grasp, regarding the multiplayer - and thought maybe one of the full time gaming geeks (read professionals) could possibly can help me resolve: Where would you add your clan tag in Multiplayer? I have already created a profile in the single player and this carried over to multiplayer automatically. If I create a new profile, I presume I will lose all the experience and perks that the original profile earned... Where do you access favourites for servers? I have saved the TuG server and another in favourites, but h
  10. Thanks Bulldog! You ask am I into Rugby? I ask is a fish's arse watertight? I have always worn the Springbok close to my heart - hence the little Seffrican flag on my signature (and the funny accent that came free with it!). Interestingly, Saturday will be exactly 36 days since the Springboks dished out the original 36 -0 hiding to England.... although I always say in a final, both teams start on nil points. Roll on Saturday! Roll on CoD4! HoooHaaa!
  11. Being an old GR die-hard and swearing nothing lived up to the realism of war like the original GR, I must admit I was pleasantly suprised! I may bring myself out of lurkiness and back into the cyber battlefields... watch out for Bundu Basher near you soon...
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