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  1. i made a sig my 1st 1 hmm howd i show it????
  2. ive been trialing for 2 months and thats just taking the piss:mad:
  3. lol yar i am teh shit calling people hookers on teh net
  4. lol edit ur post and i dont lag on the match server only on the public ye hoooka
  5. yes join tug and hang around for 2 months on trial sounds fun doesnt it i actually tried 2 play with u lot but for sum reason i lag on the tug server i ask on xfire if there r any pcw's goin and i get no reply for about 2hrs and then they reply "no" when i come on l8er there appears 2 be a match my trial has taken 2 long i have been in around 15 pcw's with u lot if not more i have proven myself now that im bored with the clan im going 2 stop trialing and go and find another clan 2 trial with PS:it was me spamming ur Ts i got bored with the fact that i got bumped off and now im ban
  6. he looks deformed in the 1st pic
  7. Sm0k3y


    england were lucky ****s to win either of their matches and the goal was a lcuker by the ugly bastard crouch
  8. Sm0k3y


    steven gerrard is shite and needs lucozade (or whatever) adverts to make him appear good like that hydration drink advert where he skins a bunch o players and the insides of him r a machine lol one of the players that he skins jumps over the ball and the rest just fall over
  9. Sm0k3y


  10. Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
  11. Sm0k3y


    ****ING PARA AND NADES!!!!!!! hehe
  12. Sm0k3y


    lol complain my ass off i cud just imagine that me going into the shop and goin ape shit and eventually getting what i want if i didnt id probs wreck the shop
  13. OMG.......... he was buck toothed and his balls havent dropped yet loooool
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