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  1. Well then, my PC died on me.. once again, and the mobo is getting changed, I'll hopefully get it back next week.
  2. Thanks, I can get in now. What time of the day do you usually play on the server?
  3. Yeah, there was no actual reason.. He was just trying out his admin kit. Oh, damnit, still getting STEAM UserID STEAM_0:1:8072113 is banned. :F I have to get on the server! RAWR! Seems pretty empty atm though.
  4. Yeah... I'm still banned :F EDIT: How long will this "as fast as possible" take?
  5. Hello, .TuG. . Today, just a few moments ago, I joined your public De_dust 2 server. On the first round I proceeded to the doors, killed a .TuG. member, most likely an admin, and got killed by.. I think it was Ford Prefect. Anyway, this admin I killed is probably having a bad day or something because I got a "Kicked and Banned" message after being killed. I've had this server on my favourites list for ages, but I've never seen this kind of behaviour there before. STEAM UserID STEAM_0:1:8072113 is banned. My Steam id is probably along those lines, please take off this ban, I did nothing to deserve it.
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