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  1. Well the easiest course of action is dont come back to the SAF server, if you cant behave, cause the next thing ya do to contravene your own Code of conduct will get ya banned from the SAF server. And it wasnt my mother it was my missus. (you can say what you like about my mother cause its probably true)
  2. Beaver didnt write your rules of conduct, to imply that they were to be followed only on the SAF server which is why there is no reference to SAF, Beaver wrote those to imply that that is the way you are supposed to act on all servers as that is the way you would prefer people to act on your server. Chopped down for easy reading. 1. Respect fellow members as individuals and recognise the authority of senior members. If you are asked to do something by a senior member whilst playing online, then please do it. 2. Never use racial, religious or sexually intolerant language against another member or another online player. This will give the team a bad name and you may be dismissed. 3. Never display un-sporting or childish behaviour towards a fellow member or another online player. This will give the team a bad name and you may be dismissed. 5. Respect the Host of the server you may be playing on, and follow any rules that are being enforced. If a Host asks you to move teams, or stop moaning, or stop asking for maps, then: Just Do It.
  3. Just a couple of things: Flya try reading it b4 you come back to the SAF server. And Beav in the very last line you missed the 'm' off from
  4. UnDyingUK


    You must be really drunk cause Benny posted this earlier
  5. I just completed HL2 on Easy and have loads of cool screenies. Beav can i mail them to you for you to put in the gallery?
  6. no i just like dressing up in womens clothes..........cause i'm a lumberjack tum tee tum....................
  7. Well they are now cause youve posted it in open forums.....DOH! :
  8. By the way Beav, i dunno if youve ever played TH on Elite but it makes the game impossible not challenging. Maybe if we played it all the time we might be at a level that requires Elite, but we dont.
  9. cancel that i already tried the pw and it works, ty
  10. when you try to join it says server not responding
  11. UnDyingUK


    hey Bran, hows IGS?
  12. I went for the "I dont think so" on the basis if i wanted to play an XBox game i'd buy an XBox :sad:
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