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  1. Sorry for the late answer. The total kills are shown on on the line with the matchtype. The last entry. Or is this the total amount of enemys? If it is a bug then a bad one. There are a lot of people who enjoy the coop mode. WhenI#m running a server its filled up pretty fast. Sometimes so fast that I have not the time to join my own game.
  2. Hi, first thank you for your efforts so far. I came to the same results. But how is it possible to get no kills awarded while the total kills show an amount? Is there a bug while creating the xml file? Archangel
  3. Thanks for lending me a Hand. I dont think that it is an import issue, as the values in the file and those displayed after are the same (did some clearing of the db to verify). Regarding CHMOD, im running a windows machine. Attached are the log files from yesterday.Have a look. Thanks. Archangel logs.rar
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