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    I am the King of the world
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    Sweden.. where else?
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    Football... Beer.. Girls.. what more is there to life?.. oh yea css
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    job?.. whats that?
  1. Did you all die or sumthing? i havent seen you in forever, getting kinda lonely *sniff sniff* aanyways, let me know when you're playin css
  2. LIAR!!! Nobody and i mean NOBODY! can kill, Hurt or even TOU
  3. ohh yeaah, probly should say that im not gonna be able to play for a few weeks.
  4. yup i noticed .. thank you
  5. i think i might have put this thing in the wrong thread/place w.e you call it.. but im just too lazy to copy it all over again and put it in the right place. soz
  6. Game you are applying for: CS:S Real Name : Nicola Karan (male) 891218.. 17 born the 18th of december.... Location/Country: Sweden Online/In-Game Name: Revolution nicolakaran@hotmail.com ask h0, motive, silent sniper or tinussss and some others in the clan for information about my skill and such.. hope i can join:P
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