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  1. Hiya, Just come off the server at 22:58. A load of us wiped out all of the rebels within about 15 mins, but, the map didn't rotate. We spent the next 20mins checking the islands just in case we missed one, but couldn't find him anywhere. Any how, by 39 mins we'd kinda given up, and resorted to shooting the dead bodies (just in case). Thought you should know. Ta
  2. Thanks for the reply brok. I just want to say that i spent a couple of fab hours in the firefight server yesterday and am lovin' it. Great Job. I've found however that when i'm in the water pools in the Lagoon map, and go prone, the water dissapears and i can lay there indefinately without drowning or anything. I don't know what anyone else see's when i do this though. In the water in other game types in the lagoon map, i can only kneel and am not allowed to go prone. Thanks for a great mod. HP t3719.uk AMD 64x2 3600 2GB Ram GeForce 7500LE
  3. Hi, I'm a real noob, and i'm sure this is the wrong place to post this but i'm eager to help with this fantastic mod. I'm trying to post a bug in the project tools link, but i'm being asked told that; You must select an applicable version for this issue. You must select a category for this issue. I don't know where to input or select these fields. Please help Thanks
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