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  1. ello guys how'z ya doin?

  2. I had the same issue with one of the maps. Letting Steam (I got the game off steam) check the integrety of the game files cured it for me...
  3. dunno but it haz been fixud..... I am on an very old pc, with an very old inturnet explorer with a whopping 512mb memory, so could be my side too.... Glad to see you guys about again....
  4. see I knew I didnĀ“t know some maps on oiur server yesterday.... Good to see you fixed the forums, and hello all
  5. installed? should auto-install. Just join their server and files are downloaded and you are free to play. Though the downloadspeed and the size of the maps may take you some time. Otherwise head over to sparta and download the file, and look for the path to put them (I don't know the exact path since i always let COD4 do the work...) On Fridays and Sathurdays the Ghostrecon.net server crouch only is a good alternative too. Join Sparta's teamspeak and have some fun with people from various clans/ghostrecon.net
  6. Well guys this server really is fun, and its always a good laugh on Sparta TS. Hope to see you guys in the server, to find me my x-fire is forrester1975 or {B:P:R}Forrester Greetz Forrester
  7. Not only the chips are the problem, that board still uses ddrI memory instead of ddrII. I'd suggest you try to sell those parts you don't need anymore, get a new Mobo, processor and graphic card the rest might be up to date still (sata hdd's?/dvd?) I'd get some black dvd drives, they would look a lot better.... My system a s939 amd X2 3800, geforce 7600 GT silent, 2 dvd/rw's 2x 500 gig hdd raid 0 was sold for 400
  8. I'll have to warn you guys BPR might be bumped into.... (though not me ferry costs, and the free time are not avaliable.... but I'm still planning on a summer holiday in the UK including some sort of lan...)
  9. whow these stats are nice to watch, far more details than the ones we use. Thanks.... I can see were I need improvement (almost on every level...lol)
  10. I downloaded the tug mappack1_v1, and installed it but it returns an invalid file path when I started up GRAW2 could you please check it for me?
  11. I see you host custom maps made by clanmembers, but somehow, the files listed here are different (older/not complete) than the fiules you play in the server. Could you please update the downloads, or is it beta-test related (maps being tested first) Thanks anyway
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