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  1. What do i put in here!!!

  2. Nice new shop front! Well done guys - now i know my quartley donations are being put to good use!!!
  3. Looks like the mutts nutts! WIll it have a ranking system like CODS/FC2?
  4. happy b-day love... ;-)

  5. It gets even better! Trying to muscle in on RE5! http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=200285 Rumours are that they are modelled on Beaver first thing in the morning!
  6. Happy Brithday Wiz ! Come back soon - i miss being your target practice!
  7. Hi Beaver Do you have a link to the download?
  8. Has anybody tried installing this? I downloaded it but it wouldnt install and i was wondering if anyone else has experienced simliar issues?
  9. Seeing as most of us "noobies" are in minus figues, with the exception of a couple of us, why not reset the figures! Also, as we have NOT actively been on our TuG server recently due to the numbers being down, AND because we need match practice, does anyone think it may be a good idea (and is it possible!) to have the stats run on a Tuesday and Thursday evening only. Radical i know, but it may just bring people back to our server and it gives us a chance to practice on these nights and move the clan along a more disciplined route! If the stats are being run ONLY on the these nights ,it may generate some interest amongst the clan to get on, on these nights. PLUS it will give a more realistic feedback becuase we will all be in the same boat and the figures wont be biased to players who are on all the time. I dont know if you are ready for my idea's as they will no doubt be controversial, but what do you guys think? and is this possible Beaver?
  10. Will download tonight and give it a whirl! How will i know which servers are running it?
  11. My new PC is obviously doing " dat thang!!" as i seem to be moving up! Beware fellow tuggers, Crazy is after ya ass - but not yours Dave! PIxel can have that !
  12. I don't really know what the problem is...I went to install a new set of Ram and a TV Card, and when i put it together i got this beeping noise that won't stop (nothing appears on the monitor (though the power on button is on orange - think that's standby). So i took out the TV Card, beeping noise continued. I took out the new Ram and put in the old, STILL continued. Took out the graphics card and re-inserted it, STILL getting it! Anyone have any ideas what the problem is, or anything i could try? Everything seems to be running though, the fans are lit up, CPU's fan is spinning, graphics card fan is spinning, and the computer sound as if it's running, so don't think it's a motherboard problem...
  13. I will be investing in a new PC soon but dont want to lose my current COD 4 profile - it took me ages to get the head shots needed for a golden shotgun!! Can anyone suggest the best way i can keep my profile and transfer it to the new one?? Cheers
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