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  1. Thanks for the help...Pappa Millsy (Aka MsgMills)
  2. sorry on the info given, he was using the name 7thfdmillsy. He said that he was playing and several players were communicating with him about his good game play. Then about a couple minutes later his screen went black and then when he tried to get back into your server. It stated that he had been kicked and banned for being a hacker/Cheater. Hope this helps....MsgMills
  3. Hello, My name is MsgMills from the 7thfd American Reich Anti-Cheat FamilyClan Better known as the AmericanReich.net. On Saturday evening my son known as LittleMillsy, Son of MsgMills was playing on your server. He's 12 yrs old and he was using the 9mm pistol with the silencer on it. He had the UAV Jammer activated as a perk. He was using stealth tactics, moving around the map shooting the enemy. He's very good at the game and absolutely no type of cheats, hacks or anything of that nature are used. To make a long story short, he was kicked and banned from your server for "Hacking" as the administrator said. I believe that in Rule # 6 of your Rules page that you don't just kick or ban individuals for being good at the game. Well in this case you did just that, in banning my son. I don't know who did the ban, if they asked questions of my son about his type of play. As a little info about who I am, I retired from the U.S. Army in 1999 and being that my sons look up to me as being in the ARMY. They both are very well active playing War type Gamers "Using No Cheats", but just very good players. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you on this matter. If you need to talk to me, contact me at msgmills@gmail.com....If you need any further proof of who I am or anything related to me or my sons...Contact our Clan President at AmericanReich.net "cyclone" visit our Web site and look around, you'll see that we don't put up with hackers or anyone related to a hacker...... MsgMills
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