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  1. G'day...yoeah, I know what you mean re. dying...but hey, it might just give joy to one more person before it shuffles off...and that's a win too. Re. FarCry, yeah, that's why I dropped by originally...saw some of the map remakes from GR and got excited...the thing is though, (and correct me if I got this wrong), there is no coop option at this stage....seems it would have impacted the release date..so was left out. Not even sure if there will be one? Do you know? So, how do you play the maps...solo? The map editor is amazing! Hope one day we get the right mix of GR and tools to a
  2. Hi guys, I realise you folks are not that active in GRAW 2 for a number of reasons at the moment, but hope it's ok if I post the following info. re a resource I've created to help people make more coop maps for GRAW 2. A few weeks ago it occured to me that a central knowledge base might make it a bit easier for the community to create coop games and so I have created a wiki. Being a wiki, it's able to be updated by other people as a way to share knowledge. The GRAW 2 coop creation wiki is an extremely clear and concise guide on how to create your own coop missions in GRAW 2.
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