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  1. Welcome to the biggest ArmA2 CTF contest around the world! 4FRAGS.88 are pleased to announce that on February 01, 2010 will start the second season of the 88th Infantry Torunament in CTF mode. The novelty of this year is that teams will fight 6vs6 and each team may register a maximum of 9 players. Thanks to the sponsorship of this edition through NewLight Systems we can offer all teams 15% discounts in hiring their services and for the three first classified, NLS offers the following awards: 1st place* 35% discount for new hires , during 1 month a free 20 slots VOIP voice chat Mumble and a SHARKOON Rush Mat special gamer edition for each team member. 2nd place* 25% discount for new hires and during 1 month a free 15 slots VOIP voice chat Mumble. 3rd place* 15% discount for new hires and during 1 month a free 12 slots VOIP voice chat Mumble. Special award - ZALMAN MP1000 Professional Gaiming Mouse Pad - for MVP (Most Valious Player) Best Killer Best Sourvivor Best Flagrunner For more information please visit our forum or contact our Staff. Sign up now and register your team befor the January 15th, 2010! Staff: Member: 4FRAGS.88 Land eMail: Land@88th.es or 88_Land@hotmail.es Member: 4FRAGS.88 Azhor eMail: Azhor@88th.es or Azhor@hotmail.es Member: 4FRAGS.88 LORD eMail: LORD@88th.es or 88_LORD@hotmail.es DOWNLOAD MPAS: Our first Tournament Map Pack is here! Please report any inconvenience in our forum at: Bug report and map presentation DOWNLOAD: OFFCIAL TOURNAMENT MAP PACK v 1.1 [16.49MB] Visit us @: wwww.tournament.88th.es [88IT2] CTF - BLACK FRIDAY [88IT2] CTF - FORGOTTEN RUINS [88IT2] CTF - FRONTLINE 67 [88IT2] CTF - GUERRILLEROS [88IT2] CTF - PEOPLE OF SUN [88IT2] CTF - REDEMPTION FORES [88IT2] CTF - VILLAGE ASSAULT [88IT2] CTF - WHITE SKULL GL&HL 88th Infantry Tournament 2009-2010 - By players for players www.tournament.88th.es
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