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  1. nice, i love it when new maps come out
  2. Yo char yeah should be good :D

  3. Cheers boys loving time here atm Much love Katikus
  4. Katikus


    i got it now But cant put it as my sig on forums cant find the right thing :X
  5. its been empty last 2 days i must be looking at the wrong one :X
  6. Katikus


    Nice thanks for that was wondering if it was me, thanks again much love Katikus
  7. Katikus


    Trying to get a sig-O-matic but it always says there is a problem either it my name or that ea is slow or something can anyone shred some light or help me out, thx again. P.s do i have to put Katikus or .TuGr. Katikus etc need help xD Much love Katikus
  8. Thx guys I'm on break at work ATM but I'll be on tonight looking forward to being part of the family, I'll be on ts tonight aswell u can all listen to my farmer voice (Bristol) but eitgerway loOking forward to it sorry my random caps it's my bloody Iphone Much love Katikus
  9. Hey all. just thought I'd pop on here and say hello, ive applied for the clan (sent an e-mail) -bad company 2-. i tried logging on to ur Team speak for a chat but it seems there is a password. I am an ex cod player but due to the complete screw up they have done with the new one i quit, not having dedicated servers (whats that all about :X) so i started BFBC2 i played BFBC it was brilliant, i now play BFBC2 i play on it pretty much every night, I do love to play clan wars im a very team minded gamer, it shows on bad company cos im always medic + here to help Tell u what ill do my application here cos i cant create thread on the recruitment bit, hope thats ok * Game you are applying for - BFBC2 * Real Name - Jason * Age + Date of Birth - 21 - 28/04/1988 * Location/Country - Bristol // UK * Online/In-Game Name - Katikus * Email Address to be contacted at ive sent my e-mail so i wont put it on here * Any other info - look up
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