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  1. Last i looked he joined the platoon on battle log... i'll commence operation 'bug the crap outta him til he gets on board' Yeah baby, it means, you, me, a bottle of whisky, a bottle of bourbon, and some carnage!! Ahh the good old ninja smiley, how i've missed him.
  2. Cheers boys, Good stuff beaver, i have a bottle of whisky on standby for such occasions - and if its anything like listening to Skeeta destroy a bottle of bourbon its all good! Yep expect so Brok, he'll feel left out without me
  3. Hello mate, Indeed he has and quite an experience it is too Yep lovely i'll stick it on when i escape work later to play. Cheers J ps. Congratulations!
  4. Hey Guys, So im guessing this is the right place, Skeet's directed me to the the forums to put a request in.... So to go with the guide: Game you are applying for - Real Name - Josh Age - Ah jeeze, a depressing 29 Location/Country - UK Online/In-Game Name - iBFG Email Address to be contacted at - Josh@tantraweb.co.uk Any other info - Not a lot. Used to play GhR with a group of lads on www.damnr6.com many years ago alas mac gaming died a death once bootcamp came along, and got sick of Moderating bickering kids! But been good fun playing with the boys online and wouldn't mind popping on a .TuG. tag so the boys don't laugh at me so much Cheers! J
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