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Nice Car?


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The Car!



OMG, i was just poking about on ebay and came across this, i am kinda in to the whole modification to cars and all but, fucking hell someone went a bit crazy!




This car was made in 1996, but it is brand new, the guy has changed every single part on the car, including the engine which has only 300 miles on it :o



The car has won many competitions which i am not suprised at and was funded by the moive two fast to furious or the other one. and was also considered as the promo car for UK Pimp My Ride!



i mean f**k! that car is like gold dust!!! :o :O


and 8 grand!!!! that car is worth more than that....


Bloody hell i am well shocked at that :o

and y the hell sell it on ebay? lol

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Guest Mortarion

Nice i like the cupra.

Still driving a mx-5 1800 nothing corners like this baby. :)

Got no videos or photos of the car yet, well the cops have but they wont give m to me (bastards)

Some amazing driving going on those :D

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LOL little jap car...


love the vid, drift heaven :D


pah, GTiR? boring ;) cant even get mucho power from them with the gearbox letting go, pick them up for 5k sure but you get what you pay for mate. 5k wont get you a very good one. pick up a RX7 for about 4k but again it wont get you much :)

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