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TuG Team [London] - Server stats upto: 14th October 2006

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So far since the TuG Team [London] Server has been live, we've played a massive amount of games on it.


Stats as follows: (upto Saturday 14th October 2006)


Hamburger Hill - 125 rounds played.


MP Coop - 83 rounds played.


Siege - 199 rounds played.


Team Deathmatch - 987 rounds played.


All the stat/logs files are saved & will be put into a db shortly. (Yes we're still working on this!!) :)

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u want stats server like http://www.clan-nng.fr/Ladder-Graw/index.php, it's actualy available on 2 french server.

u can found more info here : http://support.corps7.com/news.php.


just 1 question: where do u rent your server? (i search one too)

I looked at those stat programs & didnt like them much, plus I couldnt get it working on our server. But thanks for posting the links. :)


We're currently writing our own stats engine for GR:AW and presenting it a little different from above.


As for our server, it is a full dedicated box that we rent from a UK company called Rackage - www.rackage.com.


We have full root admin access to it & can install/run anything we want on it for gaming.


Specs are:


Dual AMD Opteron 250 CPU's @ 2.2GHz

2GB Ram

100GB Raid HD

100mb connection with unlimited bandwidth.

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