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GRAW2 takes the player to a new level of immersion and realism, and provides a stronger tactical dimension.

Tactical & PC Tailored gameplay


  • Improved Tactical Map, HUD & orders system to plan & execute deadly strategies.
  • New tactics & additional supports (unmanned ground-drone M.U.LE) thanks Cross-Com 2.0 communication system
  • New team strategies, thanks to reworked teammate AI & deeper specialization
  • New battlefields in wide rural, deserts zones, on both sides of the US/Mexico border

Vastly Improved Multiplayer


  • Exclusive ?Recon versus Assault? Mode: Increased Recon into Multiplayer. Take control of a deadly Ghost Recon squad against the heavily armed Mexican renegades.
  • Variety of Multiplayer modes from the classic team deathmatch to the Original Ghost Recon Coop and many others.

Realistic Warfare Experience


  • Lead the Ghosts during a 72h critical mission to save the US soil from a nuclear threat.
  • Improved immersive & realistic technology : upgraded physics, new effects & graphics
  • Accurate future war experience : Gear, weapons & supports based on the Integrated Warrior System, inspired by real life prototypes.


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