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I found a great little utility for remotely controlling the CoD server and will be testing it out over the next week or so.


It's called - DivCon 1.0 - and allows u to change map/gametype - all weapon restrictions - kick people etc.


You can also use it without running CoD so can remotely change server without having to run CoD.


The only problem I see with it is that is runs in the background and may need lots of 'tabbing' out to use it.

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DivCon 1.0 seems to work pretty well to allow you to change server settings etc - I like the auto message function so we can spam players with info. :)


I also like the kick feature - it grabs a list of players on the server and their pings & ID' etc - u can then just click and hit the Kick button.


I used it last night on a few people who had high pings and could even show a message why they are kicked - cool. :)

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True and thank you. :) - but the pings to saf server have been pretty crap for a while now.


I can ping less than 100 to the east coast TWLHosting server - but now never get below 150 to the SAF server in miami. Go figure.


I'll pay a few more months I think for the TWL Hosting one - it's not costing much and it's used pretty much everyday and gets full, so at least someone is getting some fun from it. :)

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