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Company Of Heroes - Patch Released - v1.51

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A new patch is out for Company Of Heroes taking it to v1.51


The UK English patch is available in 2 flavours over on filefront (links below)


v1.40 - v1.51 Patch




v1.50 - v1.51 Patch




v1.51 fixes :


Fixed a bug which allowed users to use the development console in multiplayer games.

Fixed a bug in multiplayer lobby

v1.5 fixes :


New Maps


2p_Beaux Lowlands



General Fixes


- Games with friends now have a friend icon displayed when browsing the lobby game list.

- Messages regarding game connection attempts are logged to the chat window for all players in the session.

- Rank icons now indicate the type of game the rank was earned in.

- Games with players who have infinite pings now display an "X" for ping in the lobby game list.

- New game list filtering options added to the online lobby.

- Custom maps are now properly supported in multiplayer.

- Losing connection with the lobby while downloading a patch no longer crashes the game.




- UI sounds have been added to the online lobby.

- Auto match sound notification has been improved.

- Various speech fixes for weapons have been implemented and tuned.

- Destruction sounds have been added to various world objects.

- Repetition has been reduced in battle chatter and with various units.




Sherman Calliope:

- Sherman Calliope

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