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Nicklamer in GR:AW 2 Demo

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Hi TugTeam,


I'd like to warn you about some guy nicklaming w/ our new tag.


CLONE-International has started testing the new tags in GR:AW 2


(f.e. CLONE.09 in stead of C9.Constantine, etc...).


Yesterday evening some guy -Clone007- joined the GR:AW 2 USA TDM 5 server,

when I asked who he was he replied: "DM_ICE_01, I'm a Clone of 007"


Earlier on on the server, this guy accused everyone who killed him (DM_ICE_01) of hacking etc... then quited the server and

came back in w/ Clone007 as his nick.


For the record, this guy is in absolutely NO WAY involved w/ CLONE-International!


It's some lamer who decided to have some fun & put on a 'clone-a-like' tag.


Sincerely yours,




Member of CLONE-Council

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