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change true to false to host a LAN game. internet_speed value is related to the level of physics updates over an online game. The higher the value, the more accurate it will be. You can add a password. You can add an admin password.


change 30 to the match length you want in minutes

change 32 to the maximum players you want. Maximum is 32

change 0 to the limited number of spawns for each player. 0 stands for infinite

Change GRAW 2 Demo - RvA dedicated server for the server name you want set

Protected time after spawn in seconds.

change true to false to disable friendly fire

change false to true to ban player responsible for team kill

change 3 to the kick limit you want, before a player is banned for the game

change true to false to disable auto balance

change 2 to the minimum player amount before the auto balance kicks in

change true to false to disable anti-cheat

change 4 to the condition you want to set for your server : 1: All players slots are full 2: All players are ready 4: One player per team

Change rvsa_cavalera to any other level and mode you want to host.

Add additional lines to alternate with different maps/modes


C u Sunday

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