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The Unknown Ghosts

Demo Delayed...

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Posted over at the codemaster forums, news that the demo promised before release has now slipped to after release!!


Demo Delayed


I know there has been a lot of speculation recently regarding the demo plans, and I just wanted to give you all a situation report on what the current plans now are.


Whilst we had originally planned to release a demo prior to launch, these plans have now had to be changed. The demo plans now are that we will now be releasing a single player and co-op demo on PC only post launch of the full game.


The main factor in this decision was to ensure that the full game received 100% focus and attention before it’s release. We know how long many of you have waited for this game, and we wanted it to be as polished as it can possibly be for your enjoyment, and this is why the demo has had to be pushed back.


I hope we can keep the responses here constructive and I’ll do my best to keep you as updated as possible. I don’t have any more information than this right now, but as soon as I can confirm the release date for it I’ll let you know first.


Ian 'Helios' Webster

Community Manager

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