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The Unknown Ghosts

Game overview & PC Specs

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• The most realistic modern military shooter: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising will deliver the most accessible, engaging and visceral sandbox shooter of the year, with a huge variety of tactics and over 100 authentically modeled vehicles and weapons. Authentic cutting-edge weaponry is simulated with detailed ballistic physics and players will command and control a wide variety of multi-component, multi-weapon vehicles, including tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, APCs, attack and utility helicopters. The character catastrophic damage system authentically depicts the terrible wounds and injury from modern weapons to communicate the lethality of combat.


• Freedom of Play: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising will give players the freedom to handle military crisis situations on their initiative. Unscripted missions will task players with real objectives, such as laying down covering fire, covering a friendly unit's retreat or conducting short-range recon patrol. Armed with cutting edge military hardware, players will need to balance brute force with intelligent use of tactics.


• Squad-Based Combat: As an epic single and multi-player campaign weaves the narrative, players will fight as infantry soldiers in battle, drive tanks in armored assaults, and infiltrate the enemy in covert special operations utilizing a wide variety of realistic military weapons from knives and rifles to machine guns and grenade launchers.


• Redefines the Size of Battle: the 220km2 island of Skira gives players a multitude of tactical decisions on how to best accomplish missions. Densely packed with environment detail and objects, valleys, mountains, coastlines, towns, villages and industrial complexes all combine to deliver a rich and challenging tactical environment.


• Extensive PVP and Co-Op support, with options to play through the campaign co-operatively with up to 3 friends, as well as varied multiplayer PVP game modes catering for up to 8 players on console and 32 players on PC.


PC Min Specs:

• Operating system: Windows XP SP2 or later

• Graphics: DirectX 9.0c

• Graphics card: Nvidia 7600GT 256mb or ATI X1800XL 256mb

• Sound support: DirectX-compatible sound output


• HD size: 8GB Hard disk space

• Processor: 2.4GHz Dual Core Processor

• DISC drive: Dual layer DVD-ROM

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