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The Unknown Ghosts

PC Mission Editor

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The Mission Editor bundled with the PC version of the game, is the same tool used by the actual Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising development team to create the game's campaign missions, and allows users to create their own Operation Flashpoint missions anywhere on Skira Island, and use all the military hardware that is present in the main game. Here is a brief run-down of some of the Mission Editor's key features:


Rapid Mission Creation

Missions can be crafted in seconds without any prior scripting knowledge. Simply click and place units at the locations you want, press "Play" and start playing your new mission.


Professional Tool

More advanced users will be able to add features such as particles effects and audio emitters to provide finesse to their mission, and exercise fine control of mission content by using checkpoints, trigger zones and player guidance systems to craft their mission in fine detail.


Clear, Concise GUI

A clean user interface represents all of the game content from a top-down perspective, drawn to scale and rendered in more detail as you zoom in closer. Contour lines, building floor plans, roads, lakes, military units and emplacements are all clearly and cleanly represented.


Flexible and Versatile

The lua scripting interface allows complex yet flexible mission scripts to be written which can be used to fine-tune mission content. The provision for lua libraries allows the community to create and share commonly-used functionality and extend the base script.


Live Connection to the Game

Use the Live Link functionality to tweak the positions of objects in-game whilst moving them in the mission editor, allowing you to check firing arcs and line of sight in 3D, and in real time.


Support for Single and Multiplayer Content

Create single player, co-op and multiplayer missions, then share them and play them with your friends.


Sanity Checking

The OF:DR Mission Editor contains a series of checks which display warnings your mission is liable not to work for any reason, and will tell you if you're using too much in the way of resources or network bandwidth.

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