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PC Patch #2 - Coming


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Posted over on the MoH Blog. But no mention of exactly when the patch is out!


Details: here

A second PC patch is on the way for Medal of Honor's multiplayer. We have been working on the feedback from the forums that you posted during the PC beta. We are listening to your major concerns and are pleased to show you the change/fix list.


• Fixed the scenario when joining a friend on a password protected server caused a hang

• Ribbons and medals appear on unranked servers

• Jumping and shooting at the same time now affects the ability to be accurate with the weapons

• Added aiming spot in binoculars in hardcore mode

• Holding your breath and moving forward no longer takes you out of scope

• Modifications in weapon behaviour *see weapon tweaks below

• Increased the points needed to win a Domination/TDM game

-- Increased TDM score from 1200 to 1400 points

-- Increased Sector Control score from 1800 to 2600 points

• Decreased accuracy while shooting from the hip

• Cut points from score chain rewards in half

• Addressed the sniper rifle damage to bring the sniper rifle more in line with the other kits

• Increased the amount of recoil and spread *see weapon tweaks below

• Changed immortal time to 1.9 from 1.6 seconds after spawn to prevent the scenario of spawning in the open only to be shot on spawn in



Assault Rifles

-- Increased recoil

-- Deviation

--- Increased deviation when not zooming

--- Deviation bug fixed (increased while shooting)

-- Lowered close range damage

-- Jumping deviation increased


-- Increased recoil

-- Deviation

--- Increased deviation when not zooming

--- Deviation increses faster than assault rifles

--- Deviation bug fixed (increased while shooting)

-- Jumping deviation increased

Sniper rifles

-- Headshot does the most damage

-- Less damage from bolt action

--- 2 shots to kill on body from long range

--- 1 shot on body from short range

---- Normal: 8m

---- Ammo 2: 10m

---- Range: 9.6m

-- Increased recoil on semi-automatic


-- Damage by hit point

--- Head

---- Headshots as before

--- Body

---- Body shots as before

--- Arms and legs

---- 20% less damage

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