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The Unknown Ghosts

Dawn of War (long load)

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This game is damn good not an amazing strategy game but a lot of fun nevertheless. To get the most out of it you need a good machine since a lot of the enjoyment is derived from the amazing graphics.


It's a pot noodle of strategy games but a challenge all the same.


Anyway I noticed that a really nice touch is being able to have your own banners and badges, I also noticed that there aren't that many available out there for download, so I decided to make some for us all.


These designs are targa or .tga so they can be used for game like Ravenshield as armpatches and many many other games.


Anyway here they are:




Thought one of the TUG designs look good on the Orks (coz they're bad).




Make sure after you choose a design that you adjust the colours to suit and create a unit in the 'paint army' option in the game.




You can see the fantastic level of graphics and you can also see just how much detail you see in the game with a 2.2ghz+ machine. These arm patches are very complicated and are taken from Psych's and my avatars but despite the complexity they work in the game and don't effect performance as much as you would have thought.




Here's a collection of some of the design's I've made:


Here's the download:


Bif's Badge and Banner designs


I've also created a webpage so that I can add more designs and requests soon.


Biffs DoW design page

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