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  1. hey guys i am going to buy the booster pack today i hope see ya around to play some new with me
  2. Cloud


    wellllltomorow i have solicitation i dont know how to typ in english do i just made up a word maybe its goeed hahaha wel my solicitation is for me to go into to army ( ....yep ) artilery in the army hehe so maybe i am on the place to train and stuff you know like sport's etc: but if i am not there and i am @ home i dont give a F**K if you guys gonno play till nesxt morning because i wil freaking join je guys till the next morning hehehe and then i say goodbye i take to train and go back to the base i hope you guys understand what i just typ't above if not.......then...... ask a dutch guy SAM my name is with the a not the e lol hehehehee look messege above this one
  3. i still wanne see how evrything looks and stuff, howmany ? is the game?
  4. yes i do wanne join you with that now downloading the game
  5. Cloud


    dont got all the time
  6. Cloud


    rgr i'll check it out just tell me some more on TS m8
  7. Cloud


    then how you like this one made it today....
  8. Cloud


    RGR on that one serenity see ya later today:biggrin: ( its today now )
  9. Cloud


    ^ | | Sam de CSS Hunter got many more all thanks to serenity thank you very much Serenity for learning me some more about photoshop CS greetz Danny.
  10. Cloud


    and i made these some bigger than they are.
  11. Cloud


    lol there not for forums
  12. Cloud


    just some simple sigs made them for myzlf and a girl
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