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  1. I'll have a look I think I got a spare 9400. I know its really crappy but it might be ok depending what you want to play. It's a temp one I got when my old gfx card broke.
  2. What is love?! Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me... No more

  3. Yea we've reached the end of an era. An important era where pc games dying. Only a few select companies can stand up to the console market a little bit such as ccp and blizzard. It's a shame about the dedicated servers on MW2 amongst other things. I think however, that pc gaming will never completely die because theres some companies/games that are just too passionate and have too much support to stop doing what they are doing. I think that yes money is the main reason why console games are taking over, however there are a few other reasons that I think people often overlook. I think that some are obvious when just playing both consoles and pcs. Firstly, when you are playing a 360, how many 9 year old americans do you hear over voice comms? I think the reason why such young gamers tend to prefer consoles is because it is simple. Not much can go wrong in comparison to computers. Secondly, its the way that consoles and pc's are marketed. When you look at a games console, thats pretty much what it's useful for (bar blu-ray player, etc.) When you look at the marketing of a pc, even a pre-built gaming one, it will give specs and say its a beast gaming rig. But how often do people actually believe that crap? A lot of these "amazing" pcs will have a low end phenom processor and probably a low end 9 series geforce card. With a gaming console you know they are all the same and that they can play the games (even though they lie about things like playing some games in hd, like cod4 at 600p)think that it boils down to console game producers having too much money, children becoming less intelligent and not bothering to take initiative and think for themselves.
  4. mmm, not really. The e8500 is one of the best (affordable) processors. Why would i set my cpu at 3ghz when its stock at 3.16? My gpu is already oc'd. I did some stress tests and it was stable at 4ghz so theres nothing to worry about. People even oc it to 4.7 on air cooling stable. http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/showthread.php?t=275170&highlight=e8500 for example. There are many examples of stable oc's with this cpu on decent and stock air cooling. Was also only for experimental purposes. Ended up clocking it down a bit because theres nothing I do that needs that amount of processing power. Would just be using more power basically.
  5. 14762. Not bad for css. I mean 16xQ CSSA antialiasing 8x ainisotropic and the rest max settings. Still get way over 100 fps and ive capped it at 150 cause anymore is pointless. I'm happy enough *edit* oc'd cpu to 3.8ghz and its 16234. Had it runnin at 4ghz before. Apparently it can still go even further. Might try later.
  6. I'll get 3d mark downloaded later. Here's my current setup: Asus P5Q Intel E8500 Nvidia XFX gtx 260, 896mb 2gig corsair dominator X
  7. Darkfall anyone? I'm gonna be playing darkfall soon. Been playing uo for a short while (and cs of course.) Would join all of you for some of your fancy lookin games but unfortunately I am running on a system with a very crap card (geforce 9400.) Waiting for a bit then I should be able to get me some gtx 260.
  8. omg lol came back from turkey got all these emails and shit thanks all. Dave can't help himself he loves me lol.
  9. Ssigh. It stopped working for me I hate my ISP. I have to use their crappy router which doesnt let me play dow ii or coh (company of heroes ). There is gonna be a big patch which will probably fix my problems. For now I guess I'll just enjoy burnout paradise with its pretty good multiplayer. Worst game protection ever imo
  10. Anyone played it? I played the beta a bit. Wasn't bad but expected more from it. Don't think I'd be able to play it for a long time. Would rather play COH.
  11. ive got the same lappie. got a bunch of options. It's got a handy remote. I'm having a bunch of problems installing xp on it though. I found laptopreviews.com or something like that forums which was useful for the driver packages but I download Udi's driver pack to convert it to xp but i either get a BSOD or it just doesnt detect the slipstreamed driver for the sata hard drive so I can't install xp (says it can't detect the hard drive.) can anyone help?
  12. im running on a dell lappie every now and then (when im at uni etc.) I'm on a 8400 and 3gb ram, 250gb hdd. It isn't a crazy gaming rig but so far it's been able to run most things nice. spent bout 800 eur on mine 2 months ago, was pretty good deal got a bunch of discount.
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