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  1. Wish I could get myself a new PC Ah well, shall have to stick to buying games on my PS3 for now. Can't bring myself to buy Far Cry 3 on PS3 though, massive dislike for FPS on consoles, except of course for Goldeneye, but that doesn't count. Don't game nearly as much as I used to, having a life getting in the way and all that, am sure I'll be able to play properly again eventually...
  2. I'm an Apple tool, got an iPhone 4S. But I'm not that much of a tool that I ever plan on buying the overpriced product that is a mac.
  3. Well we know where the comedian is.

  4. I wasn't sure if I was gonna buy it straight away, thought I would after a few months. But after it being out for a day, I'm suddenly reconsidering...
  5. Let's see. Pre-ordered Fallout New Vegas. That'll keep me busy. About to replay Assassin's Creed 2, Brotherhood is out in a month so I'll be getting that. Do I even bother getting Black Ops, let alone MOH? (Got Exams to do as well. We'll wait and see when it reaches the holidays)

  6. ...CSS isn't a console type game

  7. Oi h0. Gun-game from CSS is now in Black Ops :)

  8. How does it compare to an 8800GT? And is it likely to die in the next year?
  9. You love hot and sweaty muscly men, don't you JJ?

  10. Right, so I'm a little bit busy for a full upgrade of my PC at the moment, as the next time I can see myself using it properly for gaming will be in a years time, and a brand new PC would become semi-obsolete by the time I get round to using it. My 8800GT at the moment is royally screwed, and I currently have a fan blowing on it constantly to stop it from melting itself. Running idle at around 70 degrees, not fun. Anywho, so I'm wondering if any of you have a spare graphics card that I could buy for a reasonably cheap price. I preferably don't want too much of a downgrade, something which means I'd still be able to game casually enough, and one which isn't likely to die in the next year or so. I plan on doing a major overhaul of my PC next year, so it only really needs to last until then.
  11. Right, sod it, has anyone got a spare half decent graphics card for sale? Which is in decent working order etc.

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      Check le forums for my main post.

  12. I can't remember where but I remember hearing something bad about it. I think someone said it was TOO realistic.
  13. Wizzy, you wouldn't happen to be "wizzy woo woo" would you.

  14. Oh, and my computer froze when I played a game.

  15. Mine's running 78 idle... And I've got my fan blowing into the case.

  16. All out of ketchup I'm afraid. What idle temperature are your lots' graphics cards running at? Wouldn't mind a comparison.

  17. Well what d'ya know, my graphics card is on fire. I can almost fry an egg.

  18. It's a good card and definitely enough to run BC2 on. But I wouldn't pay much above what Breaker said as it's getting on a bit.
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