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  1. yeah yeah sounds like my mate who HATES BMWs but is now driving his third:confused:
  2. I am quite enjoying the SP story thing, rapelling is cooooool I think the screen going black when shot isnt that bad pity you cant get your teammates to heal you the way you can heal them i like it will have to give the MP a go when i am off for 4 bloody days at xmas:frown:
  3. you cant go to a "quick match" it has too many options hence the crash. go to custom and search for dedi or non dedi but not both then it should work. there is a fix somewhere for the blur effect and i dont mean oasis. I think it is mentioned on the ubi forums, if you close one eye and look at the screen in a mirror over your left shoulder it is fine
  4. I think that got him thinking, "what? and see all my porn! I think I will just try it again or bury it in the garden" I could be wrong of course, but I aint:biggrin:
  5. i bought an xbox controller for R6 vegas and it works pretty well
  6. well so far i have tried a bit of SP and MP and after you get used to it it isn't too bad, i think i might actually like it:biggrin:
  7. try a complete reinstall of windows, drivers, game.......everything if that doesn't all i can think of is try a new system:frown:
  8. I think the fact that GRIN arent mentioned can only be a good thing
  9. MORRI

    Saying hi to all.

    Welcome, is that east or west Canada:biggrin:
  10. oh and Santa, if you aren't busy in the first quarter of '07 I'll have Crysis too, lots of love and kisses xoxoxoxo MORRI
  11. You know me so well:biggrin: , any way, hurry up and get the bloody thing sorted you tosser
  12. The gremlins are in his head! Is it just me or has the overall appearance/colour in game improved with this patch?
  13. Rainbow 6, Las Vegas for me please Santa:biggrin:
  14. only tried it out for a bit this morning semmed okay, I ran about with the G/L blasting everything with no probs:biggrin:
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