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  1. New Game Play: http://thegamershub.net/2012/04/medal-of-honor-warfighter-gameplay-trailer/ On Par with "BF3" http://mp1st.com/2012/04/13/medal-of-honor-warfighter-on-par-with-battlefield-3-devs-spending-a-lot-of-time-on-console/
  2. -The MAV will now be destroyed when running into a soldier or vehicle at high speed. It is still possible to strategically sacrifice your MAV on a soldier; it will be destroyed in the process. -The MAV can no longer be used as an elevator. 2 very good points!
  3. Heres a free beta one: http://ipbwi.com/
  4. I was thinking of linking Word Press accounts with IP boards ones. And I found a hook, which is more of a seamless experience. But I might help us create a better stats profile in wordpress http://community.invisionpower.com/blog/2568/entry-6248-wordpress-sso-integration-for-ipboard/
  5. Welcome mate. Will your friend V be joining you. Another name hard to say.
  6. I can't do them daters either. Is there any other events apart from multiplay?
  7. Nice mate. Another idea, Could we display our TWL and other comp results. I know their old, but it would be nice to show them of on the main page. I was thinking about digging out the graw1 and GR stats. Might have a go at writing a stat plugin for wordpress. I aint done any coding for ages. Plus a new sig template would be nice.
  8. also found IP Board comments : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ipb-comments-for-wordpress/screenshots/
  9. heres one: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/battlefield-3-statistics/screenshots/
  10. Well done. It would be nice to get profiles, which can integrate into the games stats etc. There might be some already out, Wordpress is pretty big. I'll have a look. If not we might be able to create one using http://bf3stats.com/ links. It allows you to access the API via. HTTP POST.
  11. Battlefield 3 At i45 we are hosting a Battlefield 3 tournament, and to make it much more entertaining to play in, we are using a new 8v8 format with vehicles and all gear enabled, so you can enjoy many games of this awesome shooter by EA and Dice. This is a fun tournament aimed at everyone enjoying some competitive games of BF3, but as with all of our tournaments – there will be prize money! Watch this space for more information and when signups open up! If i46 has a bf3 tournament, were signing up! Rank up quick guys! I smell some matching around the corner!!!!
  12. Wank! I'm at my mates wedding on the 22nd\!!!! can't we do it later in the year!
  13. I heard its to do with ULTRA video settings in MP, try chaning to HIGH : ultra settings are unstable for nvidi 5xx series apparently. I play on lowest settings anyway, after 10min I forget, and the boost in preformance improves my game. 1+ AMD = nvidi -1
  14. Im currently doing night shifts, and very bored! I'm slightly behind on the ranking so I thought I look for some tweaks that would help: C4 + Jeep SOFLAM Guide http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NplIcbvNgpk A Comprehensive Guide to Damaging Tanks Assault Defibrillator - 4,000 Assault Points M320 - 11,000 Assault Points M416 - 22,000 Assault Points M26 MASS - 38,000 Assault Points AEK-971 - 60,000 Assault Points M16A3 - 89,000 Assault Points F2000 - 124,000 Assault Points AN-94 - 166,000 Assault Points M16A4 (for RU) & AK-74M (for US) - 220,000 Assault Points Engineer FIM-92 Stinger (for US) & SA-18 IGLA (for RU) - 3,000 Engineer Points M15 AT Mine - 7,000 Engineer Points SCAR-H - 14,000 Engineer Points EOD Bot - 25,000 Engineer Points M4 - 40,000 Engineer Points A-91 - 58,000 Engineer Points FGM-148 Javelin - 82,000 Engineer Points G36C - 110,000 Engineer Points M4A1 (for RU) & AKS-74u (for US) - 145,000 Engineer Points Support C4 - 4,000 Support Points M249 - 11,000 Support Points M18 Claymore - 23,000 Support Points M224 Mortar - 40,000 Support Points PKP Pecheneg - 60,000 Support Points M240B - 90,000 Support Points M60E4 - 130,000 Support Points M27 IAR (for RU) & RPK-74M (for US) - 170,000 Support Points Recon T-UGS - 5,000 Recon Points SV98 - 13,000 Recon Points SOFLAM - 26,000 Recon Points MAV - 45,000 Recon Points SKS - 71,000 Recon Points M40A5 - 104,000 Recon Points M98B - 146,000 Recon Points MK11 MOD 0 (for RU) & SVD (for US) - 195,000 Recon Points Coop Unlocks MP412 REX - 63,000 score - All kit revolver side arm. KH2002 - 126,000 score - Assault kit assault rifle. MP7 - 189,000 score - All kit SMG. M39 EMR - 252,000 score - Recon kit rifle. 93R - 315,000 score - All kit side arm. SG553 - 378,000 score - Engineer kit carbine. G3A3 - 441,000 score - Assault kit assault rifle.
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