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  1. Bigman


    As of 10:35 Comms are back up. Beaver any info on why the comms shuts down for like 5mins then comes back??
  2. Bigman


    TS is messing up again myself and Wizzy as of 10:30 AM EST can't get on comms. The TUG site says comms are up, but we can not join. This is TUG comms not BIA.
  3. well UD half of those places are south of the border and do u know what we call us people south of the border? Stupid?..............No.......... Rednecks. red?neck [ r?d n?k ] (plural red?necks) noun 1. a taboo term for a Caucasian farm hand in the southern United States, especially one regarded as uneducated or aggressively prejudiced 2. a taboo term for somebody who is opposed to liberal social changes, especially somebody regarded as prejudiced [From the sunburned necks of those who work outdoors in sunny climates] red?necked adjective This to take into concern: 1. especially one regarded as uneducated 2. opposed to liberal social changes
  4. alright man, take care m8 have fun in Delaware
  5. i have no clue what that all means.... *thinks hard...* Ouch it Hurts it hurts
  6. Yes psych does anthing to get attention :roll:
  7. lol hopefully Psych will go for someone else b/c the "What Does Bigman Look Like Mystery" is about to be solved.
  8. Wizzy thats just wrong....
  9. Goo Beaver Goo!!!! O nvm they lapping u
  10. Hey Bull, nice playing with u last night
  11. Psych did it....It was all him...lol
  12. Psych can i vote i already know where i am. I guess that defeats the purpose
  13. Bigman


    lol Psy....thats mean, but im too clueless half the time to know what u talking about. O Psych BTW i'm the first person to break 100 posts
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