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  1. You need a 560 really 460 will run it ok as I was using one last night but 560 for proper performance.
  2. well im using a different comp so not really fair comparison but i had zero lag on most server felt very very smoot and fast one server had stuttery game play but every one was complaining about it and then it crashed so must have been server. I am in love with this game already and have been looking forward to getting back home to play it all morning after only playing it for a couple of hours but i do admit it is hardware intensive and if your playing on a comp below min specs it would be frustrating. compaired to the beta the interface and ingame option are very much improoved and the server browser seem responsive and easy to use havnt tried much in the way of team play/finding friends yet or in game voice etc...
  3. it isnt in UK but in korea it was released yesterday at 4pm UK time hence the proxy server use to install its very easy, in windows 7 go to proxy settings clcik advanced and use this proxy and port 3128 put it in all the boxed and untick the box below. click apply and boom! your in korea!!! install the game then cancel the proxy settings and play.... easy but if you get banned its not my fault although EA have said there is not restrictions on using proxy servers. if you need more details just ask but i can tell you it does work as i was plying all last night and this morning!!!
  4. yer it is worth the 4 years we have been waiting since they announced bf3. Played last night for a few hours and it is amazing! I am going to be playing this for along time to come! If you have origin preload you can play now don't have to wait just change your proxy to Korea during install Feel like christmas !
  5. cards were £189.99 each from ebyer chepest place by £20 i just flashed the bios on my 6950's to increase the shader count to the 6970 count and i over clocked to max on the 6950 bios 840/1325 and increased power control +20% all inline with lots of reserach i did. didnt make any differance in 3dmark 30833 dont know why?? all reviews say there is about a 10% fps gain i thought i would see it in 3dmark but didnt, any one know much about benching who can shed light... i certainly dont...
  6. aint got a key i got a cracked disc let me know if you want it and ill post. did you get the 6905's they are sweeeeeet! ? what 17 is it hope its 2600k? if not you should have got the i5 2500k i just flashed the bios on my 6950's to the 6967 shader mod, it real easy to do but a bit scary i didnt go for the full 6970 bios as apparently it does not do the memory of the cards any good. See my results in the post in this section. if you want more info let me know. see you on the battlefield
  7. Yer will be amazing!! Dont really know what this means really and i aint flashed my acards yet but most forums said to do this to check performance so here ya go.... also using it as a referance to see what differance any changes i make have to speed, 3DMark Score 30814 3DMarks SM2.0 Score 11681 HDR/SM3.0 Score 15754 CPU Score 7826 GT1 - Return To Proxycon 97.4 FPS GT2 - Firefly Forest 97.28 FPS CPU1 - Red Valley 2.6 FPS CPU2 - Red Valley 3.77 FPS HDR1 - Canyon Flight 191.77 FPS HDR2 - Deep Freeze 123.3 FPS
  8. Had to make some money vanish for tax reasons in my company so i got to get a new pc, i know sickening isnt it! Coolermaster Storm / Sniper Case, CoolerMaster 700W Silent Pro M700 Modular PSU, ASUS P8Z68-V LX : 2x Rear USB3.0: 4x Rear USB2.0: 2x Front USB2.0:, Intel® Core™ i5 2500K Quad Core 4x 3.3GHz 6MB Cache (4 Threads) Overclocked to 4.5GHz Corsair H60 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler Corsair XMS3 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600MHz, Over Clocked to 1644MHz Corsair Force 3 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive Sata 3 550MB/s Read 510MB/s Write, 1TB 7200RPM SATA 3, 22x DVD RW Black SATA, Internal Card Reader 26 in 1, The Best Bit: 2 x hd 6950's in crossfire which i am going to bios flash to 6970's thanks Radeon! I have named it "JUSTICE" ... man!... i am so sad ... about to 3dmark it....
  9. oh well was fun while it lasted.... glad i have all my assult unlocks then although i really want to try the drone you get at 720000 engeneer points
  10. i played caspian boarder last night! its well.... MENTAL... massive and loads of vehichles. I have sepent all my time playing assault so far so i wasnt much use on that map, but it was fun. Choppers fly alot like BFBC2 but a bit slower. Thought it was way to big at first but there are some close flags and like anything you get used to it pretty fast. there was a level 45 bloke on there lol he must have a fun life! im looking to buy a joy stick for the planes any thoughts? oh you need the pasword skipper to get into caspian boarder unledd you watch the forums like a hawk to get a password follow the instructions below it does work. - Use Google Chrome as your default browser - Start BF battlelog server browser - Hit SHIFT+CRTL+J - copy paste the blow line exactly.... launcher.verifyPassword = function(game, gameServerGuid, plaintextPassword, callback) { callback(true); } - press enter - select server – don’t enter a password – i.e. leave password field blank - - go play! without the need for any password see ya !
  11. Its been a while hey .... but im back it a new era of gaming .... and a new era of life as i am also now a DAD Sophie my daughter is 7 weeks old and we are all very happy ... I have been waiting 4 years for battlefield 3 so as you can imagin i am pretty excited! as its a new era for me i have decided to start a fresh with a totaly new gaming name "Eternal_Guardian" i have the early access beta so add me. i will be playing under the banner of "Champions of Justice" as i have been away so long im not sure what situation TuG is in but i wanted to create a "platoon" (thats what they call it in battlelog) of player similar to myself, with the same christian morals and NONE! sniper based game play. i am obviously happy to still remain in TuG a a part of the TuG community and i will still contribute where possible. So ... Whats up ?
  12. welcome back tass!!! good games yesterday ....
  13. good games last night everyone ill be on again tonigh!!

  14. LOL I have delt with them and they were also rude to me. i mean fair enough if he wont warrenty it then thats there diessicion (im not saying there right) but there is no need for him to be agressive and rude as his tone suggests. if he was a sales person for my company i would have serious words with him regarding his attitude. you should have done what i suggested jj and un weld something then blame it on a manufacturing problem (you may be still could)
  15. From the point of view of a retailer.... i think it was your fault! you must have droppd it or something. from the point of view of a customer... i would unsolder something and send it back again then blame it on a manufacturing problem.
  16. "Helicopter handling has been tweaked" "Countermeasures can be fired when driving a helicopter" YES!! i hope they are faster, they have been pretty useless since the last patch ...
  17. Stat padding? .. maybe? ... but funny as ... makes me remember that angry german fat kid in the BF2 stat pad vid.
  18. this one is better but cost 59p !!! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bfbc2-survival-manual-battlefield/id360846003?mt=8
  19. great little app for reading about stuff on the toilet lol... http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bad-company-2-bible/id360419232?mt=8
  20. They have made available these map kits, they will really help location enimies specialy in matches. i will have one of each printed out ready to call grids for, you should too. http://www.battlefieldbadcompany2.com/downloads
  21. Here are the changes. I played last night and found it pretty good, nice to have less nade spam! Knife is a bit dodgy though. taken from the battlefield blog
  22. Yes !!! Double Yes "Kit/gadget loadout saved between sessions" Triple Yes! "Added weapon balance tweaks to a number of weapons – we are eagerly awaiting feedback!" Booooo "Added minimum number of players needed to start a round" no more free Bombing runs on empty servers to boost stats
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