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  1. whats this..? can some one explain in simply english please
  2. you must have caught the jj bug anyway... all the best on sat bud... cause come sunday, thats it, game over! have a good wedding ect... ps.. is jj best man?
  3. :biggrin::biggrin: lol lol
  4. hair.. looks like a mop head to me, wearing it for some kinda joke..
  5. has off yesterday, i couldnt see no TuG servers, it could be me, being me! if it dont jump out and smack me in the face, then i just dont see things
  6. what would that be jj... i have TW08 if thats any good
  7. Ahh the racists card dont wash with me, i know you can not help being french, your just unlucky
  8. Any news on the new dam map? where can 1 get the file? will need some help installing it, if someone has 10mins to help me....thxs danhog11@hotmail.com (think thats my email)
  9. looks the dogs bo**ocks when its ready for use to everyone, can you do some simple easy download instrutions for me to follow please
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