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  1. hello you sexy bunch. How are you all!! just wondered if you fancied a little clan war with UEG we match on E-Dom but are always up for fun match again decent clans like yourself. we normally play this sort of thing: Squad size:6v6/7v7 / 8v8 Server:*UEG* Matching Server Server IP: Password: uegclanwar Gametype:Rush Mode Ruleset: Hardcore Mode Map(s): Arica Harbor (Rush/Conq) / Isla Inocentes (Rush) / Laguna Presa (Conq/Rush) / Nelson Bay (Rush) / Port Valdez (Rush/S-Rush) / Valparaiso (Rush/S-Rush) (you pick) Let me know if your up for it nice to see your still going stong
  2. FTKWez


    Hello Lad's n JJ:eek: What you all been up to? hope you enjoyed the lan party, not to much beer!!! well FTK top the Tag Gaming ladder for CoD4:tongue:!! will have to have a friendly soon show you boys how its done, Take it easy out there Wez
  3. working for me dave, what's it coming up with?? when i put it in first time it added the server but dint show, then i adjusted the filter as it was'nt showing empty server hope this helps
  4. merry christmas lads and a happy new year dont drink tooo much
  5. New Patch 1.4 lads http://www.gamershell.com/download_22482.shtml
  6. these kids are very advanced
  7. hello lads sorry i missed you all online lastnight. i'll be online tonight
  8. Yeah JJ, just not to certain if I
  9. hi tug just wondering if your matching on cod or any other game ????
  10. very true beaver!!! sorry dave had to use something lol
  11. if your desk is anything like this then your a true gamer
  12. lol Tweak my family know not to come between me n da pc
  13. nice one lads knew i could rely on you to have a server up
  14. yeh i know great game tho, abit easy would be even more easy if it was mp.
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