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  1. You forgot your favouret Beaver, Cream of Sum-Yug-Gi
  2. Is that Paint shop Pro 7 or just adobe Photo Shop? if it the first 1 i dont know, but as there part of Adobe i dout its that diferent to Photo Shop as they share alot of elements so im told:wink: In photo shop goto - Image, then select- image size you will then have a pop up box with the current size of the pic displayed in " Pixels Resize the image as desired ** taking note that if you unlock the aspect ratio the picture will destort** once you have resized the pic go to- Filters and select either "Smart Sharp" if you have it in that version of "Unsharp mask" if you use unsharp mask set the values at about :- Amount 86% Radius 1.1 pixels Threshold level 2 to 3 these are the setting i use for resizing from full screen 1280 x 1024 to around 550x .. for posting on the GR.net forums. Another things to note! if the pic is of low resolution before you start you will have trouble as resizing just destroys the pixel map and no amount of resharping will bring it back. hope this helps , if you need anymore help just give us a yell next time im on TS:smile:
  3. Beaver Boyz !!Rotflmfao just to funny
  4. "Rambling" is that what he calls his evening walk around Hampsted heath any way scale is sorted thank to Talon, 1000 meter grid squares with a 20 meter elevation between contoure lines:wink:
  5. Thanks , but we already have those what were after is a "Topagrphical map that shows land elevations and has a contours lines on, like an OS hiking map. Nearly there, just need to find a map legend and scale
  6. Glad you made it m8:wink: nice to have you back in game
  7. This is proving to be more difficult that i first thought!! TuG Talon and myself have spent 2 days now trying to track down a topigraphical map of the area with no luck. Google earth is no good as the the area is only covered by low res photos and there is a huge cloud formation over the sumit!! we have amasted a fair few photos of the hill taken from ground level or from huey's operating in the area. Our next step is to research the 82nd Airborn arcives as it was there mission "Apache Snow" recon in force that started the whole thing:eek:. hopfully we may find the map were after in one of there web sites. The strange thing is we can find quite detailed maps of most of the rest of veitnam in the war! just not the bit we want i will keep you updated.
  8. Thats an interesting idea m8:rolleyes: and i know someone who is into his military history,who may be a big help, once Beaver sorts his membership out:wink:
  9. I hope your talking about Colin and not me
  10. From what i can see you will not have the same problem. I can see into the turbine house and its lit normally were as the other map im talking about even the entrance suround stands out bright against the cliff .
  11. Looks good m8, did you have any trouble with the lighting in doors ?
  12. Oh no, there goes the neighbourhood Welcome aboard Nige:wink:
  13. lol dont worry Breaker , He's another old fart like Colin
  14. Ok so here is a question for all you TvT players What would be your ideal TDM map? I
  15. Welcome m8 nice to have you along for the ride
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