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  1. Hello ppl!! How u all doing? U gonna have a Server for BFBC2 up or? /Silth
  2. First the sound of the gun its more like painball.. Second the gun is way unbalance.. Third HC is not like cod4 HC.. u can take alot more damage Well it still beta... But when u got Type 100 it
  3. Hey, yea after some time whit Cod4 mayhem i can say it is a lot fun sometimes as it is a quake alike game style fast and real intense, u got 2 think a step a head all times where u spawn where u got 2 go and have a super fast aim correction and so on. But the best style i now is rather tactics and more true battle game like Raven Shield, Gr1 and Graw. Man i miss some of them good add-ons 2 raven shields... So for now it ant a lot more gg out there like Apex said, so i stick whit cod. Ffow i tried but laggy and a bit boring hope there gone fix the issues. /Silth
  4. I tried each map last night on 2 different PC downloading from the server and they seemed to work ok - not sure why some of you guys are having problems. If you download the ZIP files from the link above & extra into folders in your 'usermaps' folder - you should be able to join the server ok I think. the 'usermaps' folder should be located in the root of the COD4 folder & inside the 'usermaps' folder, there should be a folder for each map with the .iwd & .ff files within it. e.g. cod4/usersmaps/mp_matroska/mp_matroska.ff & .iwd & _load.ff Did download
  5. Having probl when log on 2 server it wants 2 download all *.iwd over and over.... mp_village - Village did work. /Silth
  6. This game could be good if everone in the clan played it, I just hope that it doesn't end up like Crysis MP, whic could be exellent but none of the other guys play it See on the server soon mate, (we have a match tonight so it will probably be Thursday. Regards Tweak Thx thats was a nice review Tweak. I
  7. Yea its a little patch 2 xbox no intresting stuff.. expt cam
  8. Hey Tweak or Beaver cant u write a short review on the MP part. Weapon balance.. Ground ppl vs air or mobil.. air support.. Gametypes... Reality.. so on And does any1 run it on Vista ultimate 64 whit out any probl.??? /Silth
  9. Looks a bit like Cod4 but alot more things to blow up whit the gl What do u ppl think? Game features: Explore a great variety of real-world locations as you fight in 10 hotspots around the world Use your A.I. partner as an extension of your own weaponry and to provide cover as you chase your target Swap between your two main characters at any point in time with the touch of a button Team up with a friend and experience the co-op single player campaign online or split screen Call-in air strikes, take control or armed vehicles and upgrade your weapons for increased firepower Tak
  10. Hey man this is Call Off bunnie noob tubing we are playing.... Restrict it on the server and it not gonna be so UT like... /Silth whit the gl...
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